Medical care in Colombia; affordably the best

At a time when government meddling in our medical system makes things more expensive than ever; Colombia boasts some of the finest medical care in the world. Colombian private clinics established by internationally renowned doctors provide advanced surgeries and procedures world wide.

Our medical system is broken. Colombia’s just keeps getting better.

Corporate and government control of medicine isn’t working and it’s not improving. Costs are going up; quality of care is going down. Many people can’t get the care they need even with insurance. Colombian clinics also offer you massive savings over care and treatment in the USA. People can finally afford the care they need.

Our medical mission: work around the system to get you the healing care you need.

We’re here to help change all that for you. We are specifically geared toward people with no real health insurance or whose insurance won’t cover the care they need. In other words we’re working around the system in the USA and we’re getting you better care while doing it.

Our method: Bring Colombian and American medicine together.

We work with your doctor to get you advanced care in areas like surgery, cardiovascular therapy, dental surgery, corrective cosmetic surgery and reconstruction. If you have no doctor; we work with you to form a proper diagnosis and treatment plan with our USA and Colombian care partners.

Real integrated care, convalescence, rehabilitation and treatment.

Our local Colombian partners work with your doctors to offer care beyond the clinic with massage, hydrotherapy, nutritional support, rehabilitation and relaxation to help your body heal quickly. 24 hour nursing insures your constant care. It’s unlike anything in our hospitals these days. It’s luxurious. For many; it’s an adventure and you still save money! For some people it’s like taking a paid vacation.

That’s why people are calling it medical tourism and it’s a future trend we can help you into now.

Door-to-door care from the USA to Colombia and back.

Our medical treatment tours in Colombia make sure you are taken care of from the moment you leave your own home to the moment you return to it. Our private drivers and security handle all transportation in Colombia. Our exclusive partner 4 and 5-star hotels welcome you to discreet comfort and personal attention. Our associated restaurants and chefs can prepare food to any discriminating diet. Our clinics are dazzling contemporary technological marvels. Every step of the way, we are handling your appointments, making sure you are unhurried and relaxed. We take all the outside pressure off you and let you do what you are here to do: heal.

Very simply; it’s the kind of care only the super rich can afford here.

Committed to working in your budget.

Our 3 basic service levels allow you to pick your treatment, your way, on your budget. We pledge to work with you to find a treatment solution that works for you.

  1. Make it an adventure.
    • All the luxury.
    • Adventure tours, nightlife, sightseeing as you prefer.
    • Investment/expat tours available.
  2. Luxury treatment.
    • 4-5 star hotels (in budget).
    • 24-hour driver, security and nurse.
    • Lavish convalescent and rehabilitative care.
  3. Emphasis on savings.
    • Same world class clinics.
    • Essential secure transportation.
    • Safe, clean and cheerful accommodations.

We’re ready to take you to healing places.

Please look over this website, think of any questions and get in touch. We would also be glad to talk to your doctor up front. We all work together to find your healing path. The truth is we’re all in this together.